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Officially, I’m finally finished my law/arts degree which feels fan-freaking-tastic. Well, I guess it depends on if I pass my last subjects, lol. Now I have 2 weeks free before I get to head into the city every day for my practical legal training. But, you know, 1 hour into the city by train and I’m pretty much this gif right here:

Or bored out of my mind. I’ll figure something out. I really need to pick my electives too… lordy, it’s like making a decision for the rest of your freaking life as to what kind of law you want to go into.

So it’s raining today and I have things to do… tumblr things! Starting with queuing and fuckyeahresources. Then maybe my ipod needs an update *smooches to all* Later, awesome people!

Ok, somebody today told me that editing or coloring a picture of a celebrity is considered illegal and it's copyright infringment and that I'm "STEALING". Is this true? What the fuck are they talking about? So I can't edit a picture of my own favorite celebrity or artist just for creative purposes? How is that considered stealing?

SQUEE! So this is my legal area!

Under the strictest terms of copyright law, yes editing or coloring pictures of celebrities is considered copyright infringement and is therefore illegal. It is this way because someone (ie a photographer) took that picture and it is considered their work (note that the copyright owner would NOT be the celebrity - it’s the person in the industry who collects the royalties from that image’s use). Now, here is where the big BUT comes in. Because it would be entirely impractical and unrealistic to pursue copyright infringement action on all images online (because all images online were generated by someone), there’s this thing called Fair Use under US Copyright law. It wouldn’t be fair in the eyes of the law if copyright owners pursued people for every little infringement they made - copyright law is all about balancing these interests between creator and user. Now, what fair use means is that you can use that image for your own personal purposes without it being considered illegal because you’re not making a profit out of it. If you were editing and making profit out of your fave celeb’s photo and that photographer wasn’t getting the royalties from that image, THAT is stealing under copyright law. Your edits are considered fair use under US copyright law and if the copyright owner truly wanted to make a case for it, a judge would pretty much laugh them out of court because there would be no ‘detriment’, no damages to be awarded and therefore no case. So keep creating knowing that what you’re doing is very legal under the fair use provisions… and tell whoever it was that they need a reality check.

I would very much like to do this to my RL right now…

Seriously. Uni work, just give me a fucking break, okay?

10/5000 words done - strung out on research. Need more coffee.

Love to all my followers. I’m sure I’ll be around at some stage soon.

Hello and goodnight beautiful followers :)

I’ve barely had a chance to queue stuff on here. My life is crazy right now! Uni is beyond busy as it’s assignment season. So just wanted to pop in and tell you a) you’re all very amazing b) I’m still alive and c) I can’t wait until I’m on holidays (I call this period of my life the week 10 slump - every semester around week 10, I go batshit wanting to do anything but uni work). I have 1 more assignment to do over this weekend and then it’s 3 weeks to do my 5000 word essay. Oh yes, and d) I LOVE YOU ALL!

*sighs* Then the bad news is… I won’t be graduating until next year. There was a mix up with my courses and I need to do 2 more arts courses next semester before I’m eligible to graduate. I was really angry and incredibly sad for quite a while but I’m better now about the whole thing. Telling my mum was the hardest part but she got me through it. I owe her big time.

In happier news: Morgana, my beautiful evil goddess… I seriously love you. Also, my graphics muse seems to be returning… which is a very good thing.

Will be answering ask box messages and going on a following spree very soon. Goodnight and have a great day :) *HUGS TO ALL*

…And that’s what you’ve missed on R-J.

Hello beautiful followers!

Uber busy *smooches* I love you all and shall be back on the weekend to wreak tumblr havoc (or something like that…)

Back to my assignment

It will all be over tomorrow. I just have to keep telling myself that.

Until the next one.

I finished my essay!

You have NO idea how much that thing killed me. UGH.


(That’s not to say I can’t slack off… I do need to write other assignments)

However, first on my to-do list. Clean the ask box <3 Because I have amazing followers and lots of messages to answer again. Second on my to-do list… graphics requests because I’m way behind… BUT I LOVE YOU ALL AND GOODNIGHT.

P.S. Wifey, I MISS YOU, I LOVE YOU. No offence but you better be around in the morning or I’ll go stir crazy <3 *HUGGLES*

A night off…

No study tonight. Just tumblr and queuing and Kitsune writing and general-relaxing.

I’m slowly going through my messages. Please don’t get offended if it’s been like a week since you sent me something and I haven’t replied. Way too much going on in real life right now. But I love coming to tumblr and escaping. I LOVE YOU ALL. SO MUCH <3

Photoshop may be open. New Katie pictures may be open in it ;)


Wtf real world? When did it become mandatory that I need to engage with everyone all at once? Can I have a break soon? I’m tired and I still have 50,000 assignments to do.

Busy doesn’t even begin to cover it, guys. I promise I’ll be back online really soon. *hugs and love to all*

Need to head to bed

I have an interview tomorrow! …. ON TWITTER. I’m not even joking you. A twinterview. Actually it’s just an exercise in begging, pleading and being snarky on twitter. In all seriousness, I would give up my soul to work in that law office (irony aside). It’s my area of expertise and the general feel of the firm is just so… me.

Don’t even talk to me about jurisprudence essays. It’s going really slowly but I need to get 1000 + words done by tomorrow or I’m screwed. At least I know what I’m saying now. That’s something.

I have LOTS of amazing messages to answer and I promise I will get to them very soon! How amazing are my beautiful followers? You all keep surprising me and I LOVE YOU! <3

I was planning on releasing a new ‘inspired by’ textures pack this weekend but I think it will need to wait until next weekend because I have a mid-week exam. Nothing too strenuous. I can’t even remember the last time I had a multiple-choice exam…5 years ago at least.

Goodnight everyone and love to all <3

This assignment is killing me

Never ever do a subject with ‘jurisprudence’ in the title. Just… no.

Slowly answering messages tonight. P.S. Uni is killing me.

I can’t wait to be free of this law school crap. I wish I could fastforward the next 12 weeks to my holidays, graduation and half a summer of nothingness. That would be awesome.

Until then I’m stuck writing essays… LOTS of essays.